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The 4 Best Things About End Of Lease Cleaning Canberra

end of lease cleaning canberraCongratulations! You have found a new place. Moving is indeed a bittersweet experience. It is exciting and at the same time exhausting. There are so many things you need to think about during the transition. You ought to think about finding the right office for you or picking a reputable school for the kids. You also need to update all your bills’ addresses. And of course, the most brutal part – cleaning your old home. But don’t let the dirt scare you, there are reputable end of lease Canberra companies that can help you during the transition.

 Value For Your Money

Many people in Canberra choose to hire moving out cleaners, as it is cheaper. How? It is more expensive to buy new cleaning equipment than to hire a professional cleaning company. Most end of lease cleaning companies supply their own cleaning materials, which in general is economical.

cleaning jobs canberra

 More Time For You

While the moving out company is cleaning and sorting the property out, you can freely go out. You can do other errands or relax. You don’t need to worry about the unwashed walls in your old corridor or the icky cobwebs in the attic, you can free your mind and just be amazed to walk in a clean home at the end of the day.

 Trained Cleaners

End of lease cleaning is a meticulous task. It is not just about sweeping floors or cleaning the toilet. Landlords and real estate agents follow a checklist to see if the end of lease clean was done right. Professional moving out cleaners is trained to tackle all dirt on that checklist. They will make sure that all are covered and that no mess is left behind.

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 Insurance Protection

Most cleaning companies in Canberra carry their own insurance. Therefore, you are covered in case of any accidents or injuries. If there are any damages, then the insurance will pay for them.

Don’t waste your time and energy on moving out cleaning. Let the professionals, Canberra City Cleaners do the job for you. This way you’ll have an easier and stress free transition.


How To Clean A Stained Toilet

how to clean a toiletCleaning the toilet is not most people's idea of a good time. But, it is essential to make the toilet clean and sanitary at all times considering that it is one of the most important rooms at home and cleaning the toilet can help prevent spread of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Try these ideas on how to clean a stained toilet and keep it fresh and pleasant.

Don’t Rush. Just Take Your Time.

Place granulated or liquid toilet bowl cleaner into the bowl, and let the cleaner do the work. Standing time is necessary to dissolve deposits and kill germs, so don't cut the time short.

Brush up.

A good toilet brush is a must. Its bristles can start to degenerate and soften over time, thus reducing its ability to scrub away dirt and bacteria. If yours look flattened or mashed, replace it immediately; you need those bristles to do a good job in cleaning the toilet. Curved bowl brushes reach up and under the toilet rim to scour away hidden deposits.

how to clean toilet bowl

Remove Hard Water Rings

An effective and natural way to remove water rings in the toilet bowl is to use vinegar or lemon. You can also use commercial cleaning products to remove the stain. However, depending on the gravity of the stain, the solution must be reapplied and scrubbed strongly several times with a cloth.


Use a commercial spray cleaner or an all-around bathroom cleaner to spray toilet rims, seat and lid, tank and bowl exterior. Be sure to check the label for the recommended standing time; a number of antibacterial cleaning products require a certain number of minutes to let it sit on the bowl and to kill germs. Wipe clean and dry with fresh cleaning rag.

how to clean stained toilet

Cleaning Drips and Dribbles.

Urine stained bowl or toilet tiles can cause odor problems and floor damage if allowed to stand for days without cleaning. Use disinfecting cleaner and an old toothbrush to rout out stray dribbles. You can also use cloth to scrub urine stained bowl or tile.

Keeping the toilet clean is not something you should be scared of. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best way to keep your toilet stain free is to have a regular cleaning schedule. You can do it once or twice a week depending on how busy your bathroom is.


4 Benefits Of Hiring Office Cleaning Canberra Services

Commercial Cleaning Services CanberraAn unkempt and disorganized office area can make any business look amateurish and unprofessional. Not keeping the work area clean will drive away people in the long run. On the other hand, a clean and fresh smelling work area can attract potential clients, which is good for any business. For this reason, many business owners in Canberra, choose to hire commercial cleaners like Canberra City Cleaners to maintain the workplace’s cleanliness.

To help you decide on whether or not to hire an office cleaning Canberra services, here are some of the benefits you and your company will get by outsourcing your company’s cleaning tasks.

Customized Cleaning

Do you prefer the cleaning to be done during work hours or after? Professional commercial cleaners can customize a cleaning plan that suits your business preferences. Cleaning schedules are flexible too. Office cleaners offer packages for you to choose from, all tailored to meet your requests. They can clean your business premises daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Canberra Commercial Cleaner

Increase Staff Productivity

If you want your staff to focus on more important things like making sales or creating business strategies, you need to help them focus. A dirty work environment can easily distract people. Thus, to increase the staff productivity, you need to make sure that the work area is clean at all times and you can achieve this by hiring professional commercial cleaners in Canberra.

Commercial Cleaning Canberra

Professional Cleaners Are Highly Skilled

Before a cleaner is assigned to a business office to clean, he or she has underwent necessary training to make him or her proficient in cleaning. A professional cleaner knows how using the right products and cleaning materials can clean an area.

Commercial Cleaner in Canberra

Save Time And Money

Remember that when it comes to business, time is money. When you outsource your cleaning tasks to a professional cleaner, you have more time to focus on important things like how your business will grow or gain profit. Instead of worrying who will take the trash out, you can just concentrate on doing business.

Canberra Commercial Cleaner

These are just some of the benefits of hiring professional commercial cleaners in Canberra. Don’t think twice and just outsource your cleaning to the professionals. They have the skills and understanding required to make your office look clean and professional at all times.

Household Cleaning Tips For Super Busy People

Housekeeping in CanberraMost people who keep two or three jobs no longer have the time and energy to do their daily housework duties. Some will use their weekends to clean but with the amount of chores that mounted up, others procrastinate and no longer want to do the cleaning tasks that they are supposed to do. The key to getting a clean and comfortable house to live in everyday is to do simple cleaning tasks right here and there. A little bit of cleaning each day will help maintain the home’s cleanliness. Canberra City Cleaners share some helpful household cleaning tips to help you stay on top of your cleaning chores daily.

Create A SMART Cleaning Schedule

SMART means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely cleaning schedule. Be sure to list all the cleaning tasks you need to do. Set measurable, attainable and realistic goals. For example, you schedule your laundry every other day and you vacuum every weekend. Be realistic on what you are trying to accomplish. Follow the time schedule and be consistent.

House cleaners in Canberra

Learn To Delegate Tasks

If you have other people living with you, it is important that you delegate cleaning tasks to them as well. You and your partner can take turns in washing the dishes or you can assign simple tasks to your preschooler like picking up toys. When giving tasks to children, learn to be creative. You can also give incentives for all cleaning tasks that were successfully accomplished.

Domestic Cleaners in Canberra

Use Your Time Wisely

Simple things can either waste or save your valuable time. When cleaning, make sure that you ready all the things you will need. If you have a cleaning kit, then much better. This will save time going back and forth, just to get the things you will use for cleaning.

Residential Cleaners in Canberra

Get Rid Of The Things You No Longer Use

If you want to make your life easier, get rid of those things you no longer use. Avoid hoarding. Keeping a minimalist home is a simple way to tackle chores. You can throw away things, recycle or donate.

Housekeeping in Canberra

Not everyone has the luxury to clean his or her homes everyday. To keep a clean and healthy home is a choice. Use these basic house cleaning tips to help you maintain the orderliness and cleanliness of your home.

4 Carpet Cleaning Tips From The Pro

carpet cleaning in CanberraWhat’s your choice of flooring at home? For many homeowners they chose to have a carpeted living room or bedroom. The reason behind is that carpet floorings are comfortable and very stylish. On the other hand, maintaining the cleanliness of the carpet flooring can be a bit of a challenge. Canberra City Cleaners share some important carpet cleaning tips to help you keep the flooring clean and fresh at all times.

Blot The Stains

Unlike ceramic or granite floorings, wherein you can just wipe away spills, cleaning stains off the carpet can be a bit tricky. The key to removing any carpet stains is blotting. When you blot, you apply a small amount of pressure on the area to soak it up. Rubbing the stain is a big No. As this method only pushes particles to get to the inside of the carpet fibers, which can lead to the early breakdown of those fibers. When blotting start from the outer most and work your way inward, as the opposite can only worsen the stain.

Canberra Carpet Cleaners

Vacuum Carpet Regularly

Don't wait until you have a filthy carpet to start vacuuming. Remember that dirt can pile up beneath the carpet fibers, especially those areas with high traffic; you need to vacuum them more frequently. You can set a regular vacuuming schedule and stick to it. When you vacuum, just take your time and do it slowly. This will allow the vacuuming machine to extract up more dirt and dust, making your carpet much cleaner.

Carpet Cleaning in Canberra

Rearrange Furniture

Every few months, you can rearrange your furniture at home. It can give the room a new feel and at the same time it allows the carpet dents to fluff, which is caused by the weight of sofas, chairs or tables. Rotating the rugs can also help lengthen the life and the vitality of your precious rug.

Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner

For deep cleaning the carpet, you can always hire a professional carpet cleaner in your area. The carpet cleaner will make sure that your carpet is clean, sanitized and if possible, remove all the stains on the carpet. Professional carpet cleaners only use the most advanced technology in carpet cleaning.

Keeping the carpet clean at all times is very important. Hope that these tips help you maintain your carpet’s cleanliness.

5 Reasons You Need To Hire Post Construction Cleaning Services

After Construction Cleaning Services in CanberraProperty construction and renovations are fairly common. Be it a residential or a commercial space, owners and property managers will make sure that the building structure is not just aesthetically good but safe for everyone. Once the dust has settled after weeks or months of planning and construction, it is time to make the space functional and pleasing to the eyes. You can do the cleaning yourself or you can hire post construction cleaning services to help you. Canberra City Cleaners share the advantages of hiring experts to do the after construction clean up.

Spare Yourself From This Tiresome Work

Before you move in to that new place, there are so many things you need to do. Cleaning is one of them. You can remove the burden of cleaning from your to do list and just leave it to the experts. Now, you don’t have to worry about removing dust from the corners of the room or taking out the trash.

Post Renovation Cleaning Services in Canberra

Stay On Top Of Your Schedule

When the time is ticking and you need to move in quickly, hire cleaning experts to help you. Since they already have years of experience with post renovation or post construction cleaning, they have a clear idea of what to do. They can make the place clean and sparkly in the soonest possible time.

After Builders Cleaning Services in Canberra

It Is Safer

Post construction cleaning can be dangerous. The dust when exhaled can be detrimental to your health. Also, there may also be nails still lying around the place. Professional post construction cleaners know how to protect themselves. They wear protective shoes and clothing to shield their body.

Canberra Post Construction Cleaners

Cleaning Products Are Used Safely And Correctly

When a cleaning product is not used correctly it can cause burns or other damages. Professional Cleaners understand what products are safe to use in your home or office. They also know how to use the cleaning products properly.

Canberra After Builders Cleaners

Save Money

When you do the cleaning yourself, you need to buy the cleaning products and rent the equipment. You save money when you hire cleaning professionals because you don’t have to spend even a dime on cleaning supplies and equipment. All these are included in the cleaning service.

These are the advantages when you hire professional cleaners to do the post construction cleaning. They are your best bet to make your home or office safe, functional and attractive.

Four Benefits Of Outsourcing Commercial Cleaning Canberra Services

Commercial Cleaning in CanberraRunning a business is a very challenging job. You need to think about how you will make the business successful, how to make your employees happy, the list can just go on and on. One of the things you need to think about is how you will maintain the cleanliness of your office. Hiring commercial cleaning Canberra services provide a number of great benefits to business owners like you looking to save money and at the same time increase business efficiency. Canberra City Cleaners share some of the many benefits of outsourcing to professional cleaners all your business cleaning needs.

Impress Clients

With the increasing competition in today’s market, it is essential to ensure that you make a good impression on clients and a dirty office won't let you achieve that purpose. Outsourcing the best commercial cleaners in Canberra can help you maintain the office cleanliness and in turn attract more clients for your business. Remember that first impressions last and your office should always look spot on.

Commercial Cleaner in Canberra

Healthier Work Environment

As a business owner, you need to think about the staff. A dirty office is not a healthy place to work. Expect to have plenty of sick leaves from your employees if you are running a filthy office. To keep the office clean and healthy, hiring professional office cleaners in Canberra is a great choice. They will make sure that they clean from top to bottom. They’ll see to it that everything is not just sparkly clean, but sanitized as well.

Increase Proficiency of Workers

A clean office can increase proficiency and productivity of the staff. Can you imagine a workplace infested by rats? Surely, you cannot stay in that kind of office even for a second. But if the office is always clean and smelling fresh, you want to stay in that office. You can also work more productively in a clean and well-maintained office.

Commercial Cleaners in Canberra

Save Money

You save money in the process because you don’t have to include the cleaners in the payroll. You also don’t need to worry about how much the cleaning equipment costs. A professional office cleaning company in Canberra should take care of all cleaning responsibilities, including the equipment to use for cleaning.

Having a clean office is important for any business. As a good business owner, you should consider hiring professional cleaners to maintain the office overall cleanliness. If you need hardworking and trustworthy office cleaners, Canberra City Cleaners have responsible network of cleaners who can do the job right at the first time. To know more about Canberra City Cleaners amazing commercial cleaning packages, click here.

Canberra End of Lease Cleaning Services – Get Your Bond Back In Full

End of Lease Cleaning in CanberraMoving process can be very stressful. Especially with so many things to think about like adjusting careers, finding the best school for the children, changing address, the list can go on and on. Another important thing that you need to consider is how you will leave your old apartment or house. Canberra City Cleaners tackles what a bond clean is and the importance of end of lease cleaning services for people moving out.

What Is A Rental Or Security Bond?

Before you hand the keys to your landlord, he or she will do a thorough inspection to check for property damages. From the walls to cabinets, floors and bathrooms, your landlord will inspect everything prior to moving out. If you pass the inspection, you will get your bond back, which is equivalent to four or six weeks’ rent. That is indeed a lot of money. It can help you make a fresh start on your new home.

End of Lease Cleaners in Canberra

End of Lease Cleaning Services Before Moving Out

If you wish to get your bond back in full, you need to be serious about end of lease cleaning. This type of cleaning is not just an ordinary clean. Canberra End of Lease Cleaning
companies has the experience and the skills when it comes to moving out cleaning. They can help will make the process of moving run smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, Canberra End of Lease Cleaning staff follows a suitable time frame and they know what exactly the landlords are looking for during inspection.

Canberra End of Lease Cleaners

What Does An End Of Lease Cleaning Service Include?

The package varies for each End of Lease Cleaning Canberra
companies. Most of the time the bond-cleaning package includes carpets and floors cleaning and vacuuming, washing of walls, cleaning of windows, doors and cupboards, deep cleaning of kitchen appliances, sinks, ovens and stoves, cleaning of bathroom tiles, tub and other fixtures.

End of lease cleaning is certainly a meticulous process. If you cannot afford to spend hours cleaning your own house and don’t want to risk not getting your bond back, you need professional help. Give yourself a break and let the expert do the work. Canberra City Cleaners can take the burden of end of lease cleaning off your shoulder.

Get Your Home Guest Ready With These Holiday House Cleaning Tips

Holiday House Cleaning TipsIt’s the time of the year again, when people start to decorate their homes with colorful garlands and ornaments. In just a few weeks, families all over the world will be celebrating Christmas and a few days after, a brand New Year. The question is, is your home ready for guests this holiday season? If not, don’t panic yet. Canberra City Cleaners would like to make this holiday season an exceptional one for you and for your loved ones, we’ve put together some tips to help you make your home ready for guests.

Front Door

Give your entryway some lovin.’ Make sure that your entryway is clean when you invite guests to come inside your home. Wipe down your front door, polish the doorknob, remove the cobwebs lurking in the corner and give the door rug a good shake. Swipe and mop the floors clean. You can also decorate the door with seasonal touches. If you have furniture in the entryway, dust them. These are the first things your visitors will see when they arrive, so keep them all nice and clean.

House Cleaning in Canberra


All floors at home must be clean. Sweep then, mop and vacuum. If you have a carpet, check for any visible stain. Remove them if possible. You can also hire professional carpet cleaning services to ensure that your precious rug is properly cleaned and maintained.

Canberra Carpet Cleaners


Don’t Forget The Loo. The bathroom should be clean, fresh and odor-free at all times. When cleaning the bathroom wear your gloves. Clean the sink and remove unnecessary clutter. Wipe down the mirror. It should be streak-free. Clean the toilet bowl. Use an acid based bowl cleanser and a toilet bowl brush to remove the toilet rings. If you have a bathtub, use baking soda and vinegar to clean.

Domestic Cleaning in Canberra


Keep windows clean and streak-free by using natural cleaning solutions like vinegar and water. Mix these two in a spray bottle. Squirt and wipe the windows with a microfiber cloth. You can also place a freshly washed curtain, hang lights and display ornaments to make your window attractive.

Residential Cleaners in Canberra


The kitchen is the busiest part of the house this holiday. This is where you will prepare the food to serve. To prep your kitchen, remove ancient foods from the refrigerator or stove. Clean the countertops and stove. All plates, silverwares and glassware must be clean. Make a list and stock the things that you will need for your baking or cooking. Keeping the kitchen clean and organize will make your life less chaotic this holiday season.

Housekeeper in Canberra

You don’t have to spend much in keeping your home ready for guests this season. Perhaps, your home just needs some TLC. Hope that these amazing holiday house cleaning tips will help make your home merry, bright and clean. Happy holiday!

How To Declutter Your Home – 5 Cheap And Easy Ways To Organize

Housekeeping in CanberraDoes your home make you feel anxious, down or unproductive? It may be because of the piles of clothes you see everywhere or the dirty dishes on the sink. Studies show that a dirty home can make a person feel stressful and if you are wondering what’s causing your strain, perhaps it is time that you organize your home. Canberra City Cleaners listed cheap ways on how to declutter your home for good.

Use Shoe Boxes as Clothes Divider

You don’t have to spend much for closet dividers you can use shoeboxes instead. Just cut the boxes in half by length or width, as needed for your space, then tuck into a drawer. Neatly fold the articles of clothing and place them in its proper shelves.

Organize Chargers And Cables

To keep cables and chargers under control, use a tissue roll. Label the roll accordingly of what type of cable it contains. It will save you space and time looking for your cables. You can also make your own charging station. Get a box and cut a hole for the cord to pass through. Create several holes for the chargers and devices you usually use.

Use Pegboards For Your Accessories

Don’t know where to place your bracelets, scarves and belts? You can use pegboards to display your accessories. You can also hang a small mirror on your board, so you can check yourself before leaving for school, work or dates.

Canberra House Cleaning

Store Kitchen Utensils in A Magnetic Rack

Instead of placing knives in drawers, you can install magnetic rack in your kitchen wall. The magnetic rack can also be used in the garage; it can hold hardware tools such as wrenches, hammers and screwdrivers all in the same place.

Housekeeping in Canberra

Use Pringles Tube To Store Pasta

Got more pasta? Store unused spaghetti pasta in a clean pringles tube. They fit perfectly. Two bags of spaghetti can fit in each can. The lid also stays securely on. Because the lid is clear, I can still see when I'm running low and need to buy more.

These are just some of the best ways to organize your home. These ideas are easy to follow and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. These cool ideas can make your home look good and organize. No mess and no stress.